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Beginners' Guide to Twitter Lingo

Brevity can be confusing, more so when you have to express a lot of things within 140 characters. Due to this 140 character limit (including the spaces), a new lingo called the Twitter lingo has come up. The lingo is surely confusing but this article will help you get acquainted with the basic terms so that you can get a good head start.

TL: Timeline - The space where all the tweets (includes tweets from the people you are following and sponsored tweets) appear.

RT: Re-tweet - This is used when you want to share something from your TL with all your followers.

MT: Modified Tweet - The 140 character limit on Twitter often forces one to modify a tweet before re-tweeting it. This is also called MRT i.e. modified re-tweet.

HT: Hat Tip - This is a cultural expression of respect, gratitude or a simple salutation.

TMB: Tweet me back - This is used when you want someone to answer you on the TL.

CX: Correction - This is used to explain any kind of correction.

TQRT: Thank you for the RT - This is used when you want to thank someone for R-tweeting your tweet.

ICYMI: In case you missed it - This used when you want to bring back an old tweet on the TL.

TFTF: Thanks for the Follow - This is used to show gratitude when someone re-tweets your tweet.

DM: Direct Message - This is used when you want to have a private conversation with someone.

Cc: Carbon copy - This is same as the Cc that is used in emails. The purpose of using this is to attract a user’s attention.

FF: Follow Friday - This is used to give suggestions to followers telling them about other tweeples they should follow.

OH: Overheard - This is used to quote funny things people hear.

TIL: Today I learned - This is used at the beginning of a tweet to tell people about something new that you’ve learnt.

TL; DR: Too long, didn’t read.

TT: Translated tweet- This is used as a warning that an original tweet has been translated to a different language.