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Jack of all Digital - Memefied Version

The overview:

A motley group of digital buffs and aficionados, one conference room and a whole lot of brainstorming!

On 17th August, the digital leg of Grasshoppers, called GrownUps assembled together for a mammoth afternoon session which was chock full of ideas, tips, tricks and what’s to come from the digital marketing boom in the country. However, in true hoppers style the session had one mantra…when in times of digital despair..

Take a deep breath and....

The workshop started off with an interesting orientation session where each GrownUp’s knowledge was put to the test. When you are with a bunch of young driven digital professionals, it just takes a small spark (in this case, an impressive trophy!) to ignite a competitive fire and that is exactly what happened. Our contestants were:

Team One-

Arjun | Nitisha | Keshav | Rahul

Team Two-

Juhi | Ayushi | Deepika | Mayank

Team Three-

Vipul | Advik | Anant | Megha | Swasti

After a hotly contested round one, team three and team one emerged on top with team 2 suffering a serious setback. Moreover team 1 and 3 scored some bonus points by answering a couple of impromptu questions.

Post some serious work and discussion we proceeded to blow off some steam with mankind’s greatest invention since the postcard, Twitter!

The challenge was to post the most interesting tweet and win points for the team. Surprisingly, the most drowsy contestant turned out to be the brightest one! Deepika’s tweet turned in a whopping 8,700 impressions on the Jack of All Digital twitter handle! Thus, team 2 climbed on top of the leader board and went on to own the entire remaining session.

Up next was a quirky viral video on the impact of Social Media by the crazy folks at The Viral Fever! Besides social media marketing, we learnt that there’s a new website for all singles that are ready to mingle and it’s called!

Anyway jokes aside, Jack of All Digital was a rich and rewarding experience that provided the knowledge hungry GrownUps team tips, pointers and answers to queries that we have faced in our everyday office work.

Hats off to our director Arjun Banerjee, for providing this insightful experience in pure Hopper’s Style. Here’s to some awesome ideation and campaigns in the future.

Till then may the digital force be with you!