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Skunkworks episode circa 2015

What does a newspaper do when its obsession with women's cleavage goes public?                          

It tries to stage a comeback. It tries to show that it is still a newspaper that knows thedaily Indian best. All you have to do is ignore the semi naked girl selling shower caps or the TOI masthead getting a branded face lift. If you can't beat them, make fun of them. This is where the Great Indian Campaign comes in. Taking a pot shot at everything ironically and hypocritically Indian, we had everything. From the office chamchas to the litterbugs and last but not the least, lovers.

Now comes the best part. To get more ideas you don’t have to think. You have to crowdsource. Thus under the guise of giving smaller agencies a chance, the second round of The Skunkworks Challenge was born. Did it work? Absolutely. Were the entries deserving? For sure. All that we felt was missing was a judge's perception of the bigger picture.

When a campaign that is born to subtly mock a phenomenon hesitancy in terms of lampooning the cause is a little underwhelming. Moreover, we picked the lover.However it was amusing to see that behavior change campaigns for digital media that won hardly would change the behavior of the masses. We shouldn't mock the lover but make the TG question wether they're being laughed at or are laughing along with the campaign.

Hence, the sour grapes. But we made some wine and are back hoping for a world with no chamchas, litter or moral police. Watch this space for the next campaign.

The Great Indian Client.