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The G-Experience

I came here to learn, and learning I am. I came here to showcase my work, and showcasing I am. I came here to walk into the world of advertising, and HOPPING I am. Even as an intern, barely 2-weeks old in the office, my work was getting accepted. This was a new kind of high for me. I actually had a mentor-everyone calls him “Boss”. I was really sceptical before joining the organisation, in light of my previous internship experiences! But upon joining, I learned that “Once bitten, twice shy” was just an old wives’ tale. Here, the mantra had been tweaked to “Once bitten, twice high!” I never really expected such camaraderie amongst the work-force, and it is a very humbling experience to see all the seniors helping out freshers like me. 
One of the first things that catch your fancy at Grasshoppers is the “Grasshoppers Family Tree”, where everyone is on a high, quite literally!  There is respect, but no arrogance. There is companionship, but also a no-nonsense attitude. There are departments, but no boundaries. We are not the ones to save for the rainy day, because our foundations are built on transparency and there’s not a single chance for us to land on shaky grounds. Grasshoppers always grow by leaps and bounds, and create new benchmarks.