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Nothing is fair in Fairness Ads...

The one who is fair gets everything in life-success, fame, love….is this a fair deal? And the route to the ‘glowing’ fairness is the fairness creams which sounds more like a magic cream in the advertisements. These ads show less about their products and more about the racial discrimination!

These mindless ads are making people shift their focus from their intelligence, personality and hard work to being fair. It is as if your skin color determines how far you will go in your life. In the fashion industry, most top models are dark and they are successful in life. The unnecessary fuss about the tone of your skin is making most people lose their self-confidence. Ads are meant to promote their products in a better way, even though, dramatization is good but degrading certain people is not at all a fair game. In India, girls with dark skin are believed to have a late marriage because men crave for lighter skinned brides. That’s where the advertisers hit the jackpot! They sell their products by manipulating the consumer’s sentiments and not through creativity. These ads are even depleting a woman’s position in the society for she is seen as some object that is to be judged on the color of her skin.

Moreover, the story does not end here. These creams hamper the skin too as they have adverse effects on the tissue. These creams contain mostly bleach and the pack of the cream generally does not reveal the percentage of bleach that it contains in the ingredients list. So, at first it will lighten the skin tone but later your skin will have a permanent burnt look and could be covered with rashes. This is the dark truth of the “so called” easy and hassle-free fairness creams. Of course, ads do not show the whole reality about their product but concealing major facts such as these is purely misleading and unethical. Some sort of focus on the ground reality must be there.

People love you for the way you are. Whether you are fair or not, it doesn’t matter. If advertisers are running out of good ideas of promoting their products then they should stop releasing such stereotypical ads! At least, they should stick to the ground reality while promoting their product. Indian mentality is typical, narrow and hence easy to exploit, let’s put a stop to it rather than encouraging it. Of course, there are better and innovative ways to advertise and I will be glad to see a fairness cream ad concept which is ethical, creative and not so superficial.

By Ria Saha,

"A product is too lonely, I wanna make it go places with my writing", Copywriter, Advertising enthusiast, Writer and Painter.