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the client:

Started in 1986, Amkette is a leading player in the digital products market with its state of the art storage, computing, and entertainment and wireless products. Amkette has many firsts to its credit. It was the first floppy diskette manufacturer, and also introduced state of the art convergence devices such as Flash TV and Flash Link. Today the company is spearheading the wireless revolution with its innovative wireless products and the latest first from the house of Amkette is their smart TV box, Evo TV.

our challenge:

Revive a brand that had once seen the sun shining bright and yellow.

Our Outlook:

Amkette had been a market leader in the days of floppy diskettes, but had slowly and steadily faded due to a lack of adaptation with the changing times. The agency entered at a time when the wheels of innovation had just started to turn at Amkette and they needed a creative push to start buzzing. Though the road of transformation has come with a lot of hurdles, the agency and the client have worked in tandem to make the brand modern, chic and youthful.

our design strategy:

Amkette as a name was not very well known among the present generation of technoholics, and thus the first task was to give it a visual identity in the form of a logo that represents the beginning of all words and meanings, much like the brand’s products are the beginning of all digital experiences. A deep and rich orange is what represents the brand today as it signifies the rise of a new day. the launch of Evo TV has brought in a fresh direction to the whole design strategy wherein the brand look has become cleaner, sharper, bolder and technologically advanced. The agency has also taken a step forward with the creative approach and the communications for Evo TV itself have been kept very youthful and easy to understand, yet impacting.

our communication strategy:

The understanding of the brand’s communication was set right at the early stages with the definition of the target audience as the young adults. The tone of voice has always been kept very tech savvy, yet straight forward. The messaging represents the simplicity of the brand’s offerings and the modernity of its innovations. With Evo TV now in play, the communications are taking a new perspective in consideration and giving the brand the stature of a market leader.

our media strategy:
  • Corporate identity
    • Corporate Stationary
    • Corporate Brochures
    • Product Launches
  • Online Branding
    • E-mailers
  • Retail Branding
    • Packaging
    • Product Displays
    • Experience Zones
    • Posters
    • Flyers and Leaflets
    • Danglers
    • Wobblers
    • Dealer Boards
    • Stalls
    • Flex Banners
    • Standees
  • Print Branding
    • Magazine ads
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