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the client:

Better Option Propmart Pvt. Ltd. (BOP group) is India’s leading real estate consultant with a large customer base and 10 state-of-the-art studios across India, Dubai and Singapore. Oh My God is BOP group’s first ever foraying into the real estate sector as builders, under the brand name Bayaweaver.

our challenge:

Oh My God, being Bayaweaver’s first project had to be different, had to have a story and had to speak to the masses leaving an impact second to none. the brand had to have a unique identity that was different from BOP, and yet could stand firmly, independently for years.

our outlook:

Oh My God, the name itself had the solution. in other words, the vibrant brand identity, character and personality that we intended to establish visually, was present in the name, which was an expression of excitement, surprise and happiness. we just had to unleash the awesomeness.

our strategy:

Our design strategy was to communicate a simple yet vibrant brand that could be owned by people. Expressions like wow, awesome, vivid, amazing, fantabulous etc. came alive through an amalgamation of pop art themes, bold yet beautiful font usage, and design elements that left the audience amazed and wonderstruck. The idea was to express a feeling that could be appreciated by everyone. Our target audience was not limited by age, but only by our imagination and we wanted to be all inclusive. Finally, it all came together in the brand’s identity; Oh My God is now alive and breathing with life, vibrancy, happiness, excitement and jubilation in the real estate sector keeping an edge over its competitors with originality and emotionality that connects with everyone at every level, rather than unrealistically high and mighty promises.

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