payworld case study
project: Expanding the Scale of Emergency Contraception
location: Rajasthan
year: 2005

Through advocacy, innovative communication campaigns and collaboration with the private sector, the project helped to establish a market for emergency contraceptives in Rajasthan. The main objectives were to improve accessibility and to stimulate demand for EC among low income populations.

campaign concept:

The main idea was to establish the 72 hour window within which an emergency pill is effective after an act of unprotected sex. It was important that campaign reminded women to act within 3 days. Towards this, a countdown teaser campaign was run on radio for 3 days prior to releasing of the complete spot. It generated curiosity and instituted message connect quite effectively. The product was positioned as a stress reliever in case of emergency and thus showed the transformation of a woman in dilemma to a more aware and knowledgeable one.

campaign slogan:

Kahin der na ho jaaye!

communication mediums executed by agency:
  • TVC
  • Radio Spots (Teasers and revealers)
  • Print ads
  • Outdoor Hoardings
  • Wall paintings
  • Pop material like:
    • Leaflets
    • Posters
    • Banners
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