UNICEF India case study
the client:

Established in 1985, AISECT (All India Society for Electronics and Computer Technology) is today India’s leading educational, training and services network. AISECT as an organisation showed tremendous potential for growth, especially with its breadth of operations and services.

our challenge:
  • AISECT over the years has been doing great work and yet the name (brand) lacked personality and character. Consequently, AISECT’s communication with its target group was ineffective in a sense that it lacked the audience connect.
  • In its early years AISECT’s primary audience was rural India. However, with time they have branched out into numerous verticals (AISECT Online, Academies, Training Centres, Franchises, Universities, Schools and more). Today AISECT’s unique value proposition arises from the breadth of its offerings. Progress on the ground was not in tandem with their communication; the organization had unfortunately left out the semi-urban/metro counterpart.
  • Keeping in mind the above challenges, what AISECT really needed was an identity, a consolidated voice.
our outlook:

In our first year of work with AISECT, we set out to polish the perception of the brand name along with a fresh logo and tagline (Education. Empowerment. Enterprise.) that succinctly defines the core values of the organization.

our strategy - AISECT’s evolution:

Three years down the line, AISECT has been able to communicate to its target audience far more effectively. This has given the brand a chance to not only communicate but converse with its people. Numerous projects, six academies and a gamut of services (rural BPO - AISECT e-Merge, corporate training, etc.), AISECT’s progress was also translated into its communication.

The next step for AISECT was to venture into world-class higher education; first with the Dr. C.V. Raman University in Chhattisgarh (2006) and then with M.P.’s first private university – AISECT University (2012) in Bhopal. Here, we were no longer speaking to its previous target audience, in a sense it was the same geographical region but to people with different dreams and values.

AISECT was simply evolving into a new generation.

AISECT’s most recent development has been marked by the launch of Rojgar Mantra – an online portal (targeting only semi-urban and rural audience) that brings both employers and job seekers onto a single platform.

Our real achievement in working with AISECT has been the complete identity that speaks of not only what the organization is but also a unified dream with its audience who are the integral parts of AISECT’s climb in the Education and Training Industry over the past 27 years.

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